Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul Share New Christmas Song “Hoho”: Listen

Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul have shared a new Christmas-themed cut titled “Hoho,” a re-work of their Topical Dancer track “Haha.” In addition to more bells in the mix, Adigéry adjusts the song’s spoken refrain to suit Santa: “Guess you had to be good.” Check it out below.

The duo shared a statement about the genesis of “Hoho”:

Hahahallelujah, we made a Christmas song! From “HAHA” to “HOHO”…What started off as a joke by Ollie (from Asa Moto) at Deewee, became a reality a day later. We reworked, “HAHA” and added new depths to it (such as bells) so you can blast it during your cozy Christmas dinners. Your grandmother will love it. We just saw great commercial opportunity in this brilliant idea. The goal is to finally throw Mariah Carey off her throne and to annoy generations to come!

After working together on 2019’s Zandoli EP, Pupul and Adigéry issued Topical Dancer, their full-length debut, in March 2022. Pupul recently announced that his first solo album, Letter to Yu, is due on March 8. He shared “Completely Half” from the LP after last year’s one-off single “Neon Buddha.”

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