Kurt Vile Releases New Cover of Chastity Belt’s “This Time of Night”: Listen

When I first met Chastity Belt it was Halloween 2015 in Amsterdam and they were all wearing pointy elf ears. I joke with them that ever since I saw them with those pointy ears I knew… but what? Maybe that we were soul mates! I missed their set that night but we had alotta fun anyways… A couple yrs later I heard a joint interview / podcast with Julia (of Chazzy) and Courtney (Barnett!) and then I immediately played Chazzy’s latest album: I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone. It hit me hard right away… So catchy but with lyrics both hilarious while true to life… sad and beautiful all at once… nostalgic hooks, great songs.

Track 1 off that album reels you in (Courtney plays it here!) but track 3 “This Time of Night” punches you in the guts: “Fucked up… anxious… full of fear… how did I get here?” Then that hypnotic outro destroys you: “Pull the sheets over my eyes again.” When the Violators toured Seattle back in 2018 I got to hang with Chazzy B for the 3rd time but this time we actually got to jam (at their rehearsal space after our gig).

What’s the first thing I asked them to play? “THIS TIME OF NIGHT.”

Flash forward. I’m feelin lucky we got the opportunity to record our version this past May 2023. It’s a little raw but, hey, so were the times. Happy 10th anniversary to the Chazzies!