Watch Joe Pera’s New Stand-Up Special Joe Pera: Slow & Steady

Joe Pera has released his new comedy special, Joe Pera: Slow & Steady, on YouTube. It was filmed at the Opera House of Williamsburg in June. Watch it below.

Pera’s Adult Swim series, Joe Pera Talks With You, was canceled in 2022 after three seasons. The show, which co-starred Jo Firestone and Conner O’Malley, was critically beloved, and Pera had plans in place for more episodes. Following the show’s demise, he went back to stand-up comedy and toured around the world for a year before filming the new special.

Marty Schousboe, who worked with Pera on Joe Pera Talks With You, directed Joe Pera: Slow & Steady. Pera executive produced the special with Michelle Caputo and Shannon Hartman of Art & Industry and Olivia Gerke of 3 Arts Entertainment.

“It’s OK, it cost my savings, but we made a stand-up special just the way we wanted to,” Pera said of producing Slow & Steady. “I think it’s pretty good, and hopefully people will laugh and say, ‘That was a well-spent 56 minutes.’”

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